Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weather & Iowa (The Middle)

Someone once told me a joke when I complained about it being too hot outside. They said they turned on the air conditioning on but it will take three months to kick in. Today the air conditioning kicked in. With this comes my one complaint about the colder months. I miss the light. I guess a similar joke could be made that the dimmer switch is being turned up but it will take four months to kick in.

Jump cut.

On the road this summer there was a lot of great weather. Notice the random picture of Iowa from out the window. Looks great. Feels great. What a great random day in the middle of America. Iowa a nice host state. There was a university with a food coop in the town. And there was a lot of road that led to Nebraska. I am glad that I have been to these places. They are all colder now too.

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