Tuesday, October 20, 2009

High School Universe

It always comes back to space. I think this is because it is an unknown that is real. Unlike the unknown that is fake. Like heaven.

Today in high school while student teaching, a student asked me where I went to college. I told him NYU and now Brooklyn College. Then he asked me if I finished high school. This is not a way humans phrase questions. High school for me has been very much the unknown.

I also float between the world of respectable adult and kid. I float like people float in space because there is no gravity. I am not a real teacher. So they tell me things that don't tell the teacher. But also don't listen that much either. One thing they told me today is that there is a hallway where kids from "other schools, not their school" perform quick sexual acts between classes.

This place is unreal. To represent how high school and space are both unreal. Look at this mural they painted of outer space (notice how the real sun made an appearance). I wonder how outer space would paint a mural of high school?

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