Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spaceship Bicycle

This is song comes from pining over summertime in the cold months of the year. 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Park Song

Another week. Another song.
This song was started on March 25, 2008. It was finished today. It was born when Austin and I were eating lunch in Bryant Park and thought it would be a good idea to quit our lives and go to Tennessee and become country music stars. We also decided to co-author a novel that day. We also have a pilot cooking show under our belts that we have never seen and actually no one has ever seen. We are really good at ideas.

In a way... this song sums up a lot about our friendship.... we are building up a penny collection to reach our dreams.

This was super fun to make and this kind of collaboration is exactly why I started this whole project. I really love the idea of connecting to the people in your life through music. And no lack of ability or know-how can stop that. Proof is in the poorly crafted music video above.

Friday, January 8, 2010

woah...I dropped the ball

It's pretty impressive how quickly I dropped the ball on this project.
But in 2010 I picked up the ball again. I found it under the couch. Covered in dust and cat hair.

I made this song for a silly contest at my college. You have to pick out an art piece from their collection, get inspired by it, and spit some kind of art work back. This is my dribble.

This dude Xu Bing was sent by the Chinese government on a rustification program where he had to learn to farm. While there he made a wood print of a vegetable field. This was considered a radical piece of art because it didn't say anything about how great the Chinese Government was.

The song is called: The government saw politics, Xu Bing saw a farm

I have noticed that most of the creations I make on my own sound really next song will sound peppier. Oh, and this whole thing was made on a guitar with a broken G-string and I used a drum stick as a slide.